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Buy 1 unit: RM 480 each
Buy 2 - 4 units: RM 400 each
Buy 5 or more units: RM 350 each

• A new type of driver incorporating new materials features a neodymium speaker magnet with approximately 13 times the magnetic energy product of ordinary ferrite magnets helps reduce the mass of the speaker unit to just 1/8th that of ordinary speakers of comparable function, contributing to improved efficiency and considerably lighter weight.

Datasheet TRC-3W Datasheet [PDF]
Power Supply (Dry cell battery) R6P, AA-size (SUM-3) x 4
Max Power 4W
Rated Power 3W
Frequency Response 700Hz~5kHz
Sound Coverange Voice signal/Approx.100m(for EIAJ), 
Whistle minimum volume/ Approx. 50m(for EIAJ), 
Whistle maximum volume/Approx. 125m(for EIAJ)
Finish ABS resin, White
Caliber dimensions 79(W)×123(H)mm
External dimensions 88(W)×132(W)×214(W)mm(Excluding strap)
Weight Body: 600g (without battery)