Public Address


Cash & Carry : RM 1,600 each

• Audio Mixer for Public Address system

Datasheet TACH MU-255A
Power Supply AC 230V 50Hz or DC 24V
Input MIC x 5, AUX x 2, LINE x 3
Output LINE OUT x 2 (600ohm / Output 1V-Vpp)
REC OUT 1K ohm 0dB
Mic input sensitivity 3mV(Dynamic microphone), 5mV(Condenser microphone)
Sensitivity Input100mV/Output 1V-Vpp
Scale to noise ratio >65dB (600ohm at 0dB Output) and above
Overtone distortion rate > 0.03 % ±5
Intermodulation distortion rate > 0.035 % ± 5
Tone control Bass +/-10dB, Treble ±10dB
Frequency response 20Hz(0dB) ~ 20KHz(0dB)
Dynamic range 55dB and above
Maximum output voltage 8V
Delay time 2.5 Sec
Color White
Dimension 480mm(W) x 88mm(H) x 220mm(D)
Weight 3.7Kg