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Mipro ACT-848D

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Receiver + ACT-80H * 4 RM 26,000 each
Receiver + ACT-80T * 4 RM 26,000 each
Receiver + (ACT-80H * 2) + (ACT-80T * 2) RM 26,000 each
Receiver + ACT-80HC * 4 RM 28,000 each
Receiver + ACT-80TC * 4 RM 28,000 each
Receiver + (ACT-80HC * 2) + (ACT-80TC * 2) RM 28,000 each

  • Share the EIA standard metal chassis, and a newly designed VFD screen, monitor headphone jack, rotary control knob and buttons are equipped on the control panel which is consistent with the same operations and display modes of the other series. The analog audio output, AES/EBU digital output, Dante or AVB network interface output and MIPRO RCS2.Net interface connectors on the rear panel.
  • Exclusive 72 MHz wideband digital diversity circuit greatly improves the reception range and increases interference-free compatible channels. Full-range sound quality is not affected by the strength of RF signals or operating distance.
  • Proprietary 256-bit encryption prevents eavesdropping.
  • MIPRO Auto Scan and ACT™ function provide the transmitter’s frequency with precise and rapid sync to the receiver.
  • There are 7 preset groups with a total of 224 pre-saved channels. The user-defined group allows users to choose and save up to 16 channels from 2,881 available frequencies.
  • Each channel has separate audio output and 3 switchable levels, and the preset output level equals the sensitivity of the microphone capsule at 0 dB. All is to ensure the microphone operates within proper sensitivity and dynamic range, free from distortion.
  • The DSP audio processor and D/A converter make the sound quality almost the same as the wired microphone.
  • Equips the Dante or AVB digital network interface. Optional MIPRO RCS2.Net software connects to MIPRO DVU drive connector and allows real-time network remote-controlling and monitoring up to 64 channels. Additional new FSA software connects to MIPRO DVU drive connector and allows users to calculate interference-free compatible channels and link to the network.
  • Designed and made in Taiwan ensures high quality and value.
  • Datasheet ACT-848D Datasheet [PDF]
    Channel Quad
    Chassis EIA-Standard 19″ 1U metal chassis
    Monitor Output Monitor headphone jack with volume control
    Network Interface Dante or AVB (optional)
    Display A newly designed color VFD
    Frequency Range UHF 480 ~ 934 MHz (country dependent)
    Bandwidth 72 MHz
    Receiving Mode Digital diversity receiving
    Sensitivity 12 dBμV @ S/N > 100 dB
    Audio Processing DSP audio processor eliminates the compander noise that exists in analog systems.
    Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (< -2 dB)
    Dynamic Range > 120 dBA
    Latency 2.9 ms
    Audio Output AES / EBU digital interface. Analog balanced output, +16 dB / 0dB / -6 dB switchable.
    EQ Presets 10 digital audio and anti-feedback EQ
    PC Interface USB interface. MIPRO ACT-BUS for remote-control of up to 64 channels. FSA compatible channels calculator software allows users to manually set compatible channels. (Sold separately)
    Antenna Detachable. 50Ω TNC female connector provides bias for the MIPRO antenna systems.
    Power Supply External 100~240V AC switching power supply
    Dimensions 420 × 44 × 219 mm (W × H × D)
    Weight Approx. 2.3 kg
    Note Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy. Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.
    ACT-80H UHF Handheld Mic RM 3,700
    ACT-80T UHF Bodypack Clip Mic RM 3,700
    ACT-80HC UHF Handheld Mic RM 3,800
    ACT-80TC UHF Bodypack Clip Mic RM 3,800
    MU-53HN-XLR Headworn Mic RM 760
    AT-20 Antenna RM 160
    Power Adapter RM 600